Our goal is To unite women of faith in the salt lake valley in an effort to multiply goodness in our communities.



This monthly evening event is designed for Christian and Latter-day Saint women in the Salt Lake valley to come together, build friendships with one another, & learn from each other in a welcoming, hospitable space.


It seems like division and hostility is everywhere we go. It's our hope to build bridges with one another and begin to find what we have in common. 


As women of different faiths, we believe we can do more together than we can on our own, but there is so much that keeps us apart. Our theologies are different, our churches are different, our politics are different. But, we all desire to love each other well, we all desire to love our neighbor as ourself, and we all desire to be faithful. 


Once a month, we'll eat together, laugh together, pray together and open up the Bible together. 


You aren't leaving your own faith at the door. We celebrate our differences. But, we'll learn from both Christian women and Latter-day Saint women how to embrace our similarities, because we believe in humbling ourselves in order to genuinely learn from one another & grow our relationships with each other. 


We hope you'll join us. 


June 21, 7-9PM




2790 N Center Street

Lehi, UT 84043